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How often have we baulked at a major decision in life because we were afraid of what the change would bring? Life is full of choices, and sometimes we choose to stay in the same place because of our fear of uncertainty. Sometimes, a leap of faith is what we require to make the best decision ever.

Here are some pointers that could help you when you are about to make a bold decision.

You always have a choice

Sometimes, you never recognise that you have a choice. If you are feeling victimized, you are making an unconscious choice to remain there. Recognise this and you can turn things around by making a better decision.

You can always change your decision

If a decision doesn’t feel good, ask yourself whether you want to continue with the same choice. Don’t be harsh on yourself for making the wrong decision. Stay open, notice what doesn’t feel good or what hurts, then go about changing the situation.

Recognise if your choice is influenced by fear of uncertainty

There is a small part of you that always holds you back; this part of you questions, doubts, makes you weigh your decision and hesitate. This small part of you – your protective self – prevents you from taking that bold decision because of fear of uncertainty. Recognise this protective self and take control from it or you will be submitting to it all your life.

Listen to your intuition

That little voice – no, not the small protective self that holds you back, but the one that guides you to make the right decision, the feeling that tells you that something is not right – listen to it. How to recognise your intuition? Your life experience will show you. Your body could hint at it. A certain feeling of dread or a sick feeling in your stomach. A good feel about something… Have things gone well after you trusted a certain feeling? Did you avoid something unpleasant because of this little voice? Note down these instances in life and you will soon recognise your intuition.

Seek help

There are times when your life appears complex and a decision may seem too hard to make. Seek help from your loved ones, a therapist, or a guidance counsellor by asking for their opinion. The answer is within you and these people could guide you when they echo what your intuition has already told you.

If you are looking for help, whether for yourself or for a loved one, our psychologists can assist in exploring underlying issues through therapy. Please visit our practitioners’ page to find out more, or call (03) 9820-5577 for an appointment or to make enquiries.

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