Excellence in Emotional Well-being: Your Partner in Personal Growth

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practices provides a safe and respectful environment for therapy and treatment.? Our team of skilled psychologists and counsellors, each with a wealth of experience and expertise, are the cornerstone of the quality care we provide.


Our Practitioners: Your Compassionate Guides

Diverse Expertise: Our practitioners bring a rich tapestry of skills and specialties, ensuring that whatever your needs, you’re matched with someone who truly understands.

Years of Experience: Each member of our team is not only highly qualified but also brings years of hands-on experience in helping individuals navigate life’s complex emotional landscapes.

Continual Learning: We believe in staying ahead of the curve. Our practitioners regularly engage in professional development to bring you the latest and most effective therapeutic approaches.


A Practice Built on Trust and Excellence

Client-Centered Approach: Our people-centred practice is rooted in the principles of empathy, genuineness, and respect. We prioritize your needs and tailor our approach to suit your individual journey. At the Centre, psychologists, counsellors, and practitioners practice with the Rogerian principles of: 

integrity, respect, authenticity and genuineness. 

Evidence-Based Therapy: Process-Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT) or more commonly referred to as Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) integrates experiential perspectives, cognitive science, existential thought and contemporary emotion theory. It develops emotional intelligence, integrates experience and offers restructuring and transformation. It is based on the latest developments and its effectiveness has been proven by neuroscience research as one of the most effective modalities to support people’s development. From Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) to other scientifically supported methods, we employ techniques proven to facilitate emotional healing and personal growth. 


Beyond the Therapy Room

While we began in South Yarra, our commitment to accessible emotional support has led us to expand. With multiple locations and robust online counselling options, our high-quality care is more reachable than ever. 


Join Us on Your Path to Well-being

Every journey is unique, and we’re here to support yours. If you’re seeking a space where experience, expertise, and genuine care come together, we invite you to connect with us. Reach out at (03) 9820 5577 or through our online services. Let’s take the first step together. 



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