Family Therapy Services | Emotion Focused PracticeFamily therapy services are offered at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice.  Family therapy is a specific field of psychotherapy that is intended to promote better communication and foster more effective inter-personal relationships within the confines of the family setting. Our family therapy services are underpinned by person-centred, existential and humanistic philosophies, utilising process experiential emotion-focused techniques.

Strong and healthy family relationships provide vital resilience against life’s inevitable challenging periods and during distress, trauma and loss. Individual therapy can be greatly enhanced when healing also takes place within the family system.

Therapeutic interventions through family therapy can improve the way a family functions leading to each individual’s increased level of support, understanding, happiness and fulfilment as well as the family unit’s success as a whole.

A wide range of problems can be explored and worked through in a safe, non-judgmental, facilitated environment.  Family therapy can be helpful for dealing with issues around alcohol abuse, psychiatric conditions, conduct, mood disorders and behavioural issues, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and family rifts or dysfunction. Individual and/or multiple family member sessions may be utilised.

Please read our more extensive article on family counselling to know more about how family members can resolve problems within the family unit through family therapy and can create closer familial bonds, lower stress and anxiety, and find healthy solutions for conflicts and problems.

Are you a family or couple needing help with relationship counselling or marriage counselling? The Centre provides relationship psychologists & counselling for couples to help with all relationship problems.

Practitioners Offering Family Therapy Services

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is a safe, secure, and ethical place for family members to work together to open dialogue and find solutions with the assistance of an experienced counsellor. The practitioners at the centre are fully qualified and relationship-focused, affirming of each member of the family’s needs, beliefs, values, feelings, and natural tendencies towards growth and healing.

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