Child Counselling | Centre for Emotion Focused PracticePsychology, psychotherapy and counselling services with a child psychologist and/or general psychology professional are offered for children and young people at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice. These services are underpinned by person-centred, existential and humanistic philosophies, utilising process experiential emotion focused techniques, which are often more engaging and accessible for young people, rather than the traditional pure ‘talking’ or cognitive therapies.

Early intervention in children and young people can prevent chronic mental health issues later in life while providing vital resilience against the confusing, challenging and often painful experiences of ‘growing up’.

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice offers individual therapy and family therapy for young people. A wide range of problems can be explored and worked through in a safe, non-judgmental, facilitated environment. Our child psychology practitioners can help with a range of issues. These include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • bullying
  • self esteem
  • body image issues
  • grief and loss (due to death, disablement, divorce, etc)
  • eating disorders
  • substance abuse
  • child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect)
  • behavioural and conduct disorders
  • anxiety disorders and mood disorders.

With our child counselling services, children and youth are able to resolve problems within their family unit; creating warmer familial bonds, lowering levels of stress and anxiety, and finding healthy solutions for their conflicts and problems. The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is a safe, secure, and ethical place where the child gets the opportunity to explore his or her emotions and forge out an effective, and long lasting change.

Youth & Child Psychology Services at the Centre

Every child psychologist at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is a highly experienced professional who can help the child deal with a variety of psychological, emotional or behavioural issues through child counselling and psychological treatments.

Practitioners Offering Youth and Child Counselling Services

The centre’s therapists are all fully qualified and strive for empathy, genuineness, respect and a positive working alliance during child psychology appointments. This has shown to be the best predictor of a curative outcome.

Head to our Psychology Practitioners’ page to view our practitioners’ profiles and to find out more about them.

To find out more about our child counselling services or to get an appointment, please call the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice at (03) 9820 5577.

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