Couples CounsellingRelationship counselling, psychology and psychotherapy services are offered for couples at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice. These services are underpinned by person-centred, existential and humanistic philosophies, utilising process experiential emotion-focused techniques.

Good relationships provide solid foundations for life fulfilment, happiness and wellbeing. Relationship and intimacy issues can be addressed through counselling, achieving a deeper understanding, clarification and resolve. Individuals’ views, needs and feelings can be expressed and processed, and particular issues can be targeted and explored in a safe, non-judgmental, facilitated environment. Couples marriage counselling Melbourne can lead to greater authenticity and stronger relationship bonds, or can facilitate a smoother experience of ending the relationship if this is what one or both partners are wanting. Sometimes partners can forget the reasons why they chose each other or relationships can just get ‘stuck’ and require some professional assistance with their relationship problems to get things moving along again in a positive direction. The marriage counsellors South Yarra help couples address issues in their relationship and rectify them.

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is a safe, secure, and ethical place for couples to work together to explore their emotions and forge an effective, and long lasting change. The centre’s therapists are all fully qualified and strive for empathy, genuineness, respect and a positive working alliance which has shown to be the best predictor of a curative outcome. The practitioners at the Centre are relationship focused and affirming of each member of the couple’s needs, beliefs, values, feelings, and natural tendencies towards growth and healing. For details about marriage counselling in Melbourne, call (03) 9820 5577.


Couples Counselling at the Centre

The following are practitioners at the Centre who have experience with couples and relationship counselling:

To get an appointment or to make enquiries, please call (03) 9820-5577.


More Resources for Couples

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As an adjunct to the couples counselling services, the centre also holds community and private events in which the clients can take part as an ongoing process of emotional development and healing. Please take a look at our events page to know more about our current events.

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