Mission | Centre for Emotion Focused PracticeThe Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is a specialist centre offering psychology, psychiatric,  counselling and evidenced-based psychotherapy. The centre provides a safe, ethical and research-based community for a client-centred, humanistic, therapeutic practices in Australia.

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidence-based psychotherapy. Research indicates that emotions influence psychological, cognitive, behavioural, biological and neurochemical system functioning.  Emotions connect our body and our mind. Emotions serve as a primary signalling system and these often arise outside of our awareness.  Emotions also precede our language-based cognizing. Emotion-Focused Therapy has been shown to be a functional therapy that helps to recognize, research, govern, process, transform and integrate our experiences from an emotional viewpoint. This emotional processing of experience along with reflective processing provides a chance to draw out deep emotions and helps in efficacious and long-lasting transformation of troubled selves.

At the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice, the practitioners use experiential methods to assist people to confront past experiences. The psychologists and counsellors at the centre help clients to overcome or surpass the negative aspects of their life, thereby aiding them to find feelings, experiences, and behaviour that are intrinsically their own. Consequently, people who have felt bound by the expectations of their peers or family, feel liberated and find inner peace.

Emotion Focused Practice – Mission Statement

Our mission at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is to offer all clients support within a person-centred,  therapeutic framework that is respectful and mindful of clients’ needs, beliefs, values and potential for growth and healing.

The psychology practitioners at the centre strive to put the Rogerian principles of integrity, respect, authenticity, congruence and genuineness in every person to person encounter.

To know more about the centre, please go through our About Page. You can also view videos and articles on Process Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT).


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