Anger Management | The Centre for Emotion Focused PracticeHow do you know if you are in need of anger management?

– Do you find yourself overreacting to minor annoyances that happen during the day?

– Does an insignificant word or gesture have the ability to make you lose control?

– Are you ready to fight and argue over the slightest inconvenience, even when you realize that it is a trivial matter?

If the answer is “yes” to the above mentioned questions, then you might indeed benefit from learning more about anger management.

Anger Management – Dealing with Rage

Anger management can help people learn to control their feelings of rage, anger, and frustration. While there is no denying that anger is a completely normal human emotion, it is how you handle your anger that makes all the difference in the world. For some individuals, anger is an overwhelming sensation that makes them lose their self control. Anger can override their sense of reason and good judgment.

When you are dealing with anger, you are addressing an emotional state that will vary according to the individual and the situation. A small and annoying event may cause certain people to experience relatively minor irritation, while for others, this could turn into a situation where they will find themselves driven into a furious, uncontrollable rage. Those individuals who lose their temper easily and flare up often are the ones who could benefit from anger management therapy.

If you feel that this is you, then you can gain from our anger management therapy. Let us help you; contact the Centre today. You can call us or mail [email protected] for more information.


anger management | The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice

If you are looking for help, whether for yourself or a loved one, the psychologists at the centre can assist in exploring underlying issues through therapy. Please visit the practitioners’ page to find out more, or call (03) 9820-5577 for an appointment or to make enquiries.


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