For coaching-related inquiries, please call Lisa on 0419 668 808.


Clarity and Direction
Do you feel stuck in your job or career? If you’d like to do something else, but don’t know what, or are confused by thinking about how to start, career coaching can give you a way forward.

We specialise in helping people find the clarity, connection, and courage they need to decide what to do next and to take the next step in their careers. We work with you to uncover your natural talents, strengths, values and passions. Together, we will determine how to best combine and leverage these to your full advantage. Our approach is based on asking thought-provoking questions that make sense of what you’re thinking and experiencing, explore possibilities, challenge assumptions, and allow us to create the best solutions with you. We often also use diagnostic assessment tools to support this work.

Career Change and Transition
If you’re facing redundancy and don’t know how to find a new job, or are keen to try a new field or area but aren’t sure how to make the career change, a career coach can support you through this process.

We specialise in helping people relaunch their careers, and can collaborate with you to help you get to work in your chosen field faster, with confidence and conviction. We do this by working closely with you to identify and leverage your key strengths, as well as to uncover any blind spots and develop strategies to address them. We will support you to increase your self-awareness and gain insight into what may be holding you back. Together with you, we will map out a rewarding career path. Then, we will support you through the job-search process to help you make fulfilling job and career choices.

Interview Coaching
Do you have an important job interview coming up? Are you feeling nervous or lacking confidence about your ability to perform well? Our career coaches can support you to reduce your nerves, learn effective interview techniques, increase your confidence, and put your best foot forward. Having worked as hiring managers and recruitment consultants ourselves, we bring expertise in current recruitment practices, including how to prepare for and perform in behavioural event interviews. We have experience across diverse industries including financial services, healthcare, education, science, accounting, law, IT, human resources, insurance and superannuation, retail, real estate, manufacturing, media, and government.

We take you step-by-step through how to approach your interview, respond effectively to different questions, feel more composed, and express your value as a preferred candidate. We tailor these sessions to your needs and often do “mock” interviews, which might be daunting but are wonderful practice!


Schafer Group does coaching and consulting at the Centre. Click on the photos below to learn more about the executive and career coaching specialists.

  • Lisa Schafer Workplace Psychologist and Executive Coach
    Lisa has 19 years of experience and expertise in leadership development, talent management, career development, change management and cultural change.

  • Raj Khetarpal Leadership and Career Development Coach

    Raj has extensive experience in highly people-centric roles and has formulated people, talent, culture and career strategies for business growth and turnaround in small, medium and large organisations.

For coaching-related inquiries, please call Lisa on 0419 668 808 or visit the Schafer Group website for more info.

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