The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice provides a safe and respectful environment for therapy and treatment. The psychologists and counsellors practising at the Centre offer a wide range of counselling and psychotherapy services that are suitable for children, adolescents, adults, individuals, couples, families, schools and organisations.
To contact the psychologists in South Yarra, call (03) 9820 5577.


Psychologists and Counsellors in South Yarra

psychology practitionerThe Centre provides a community of psychologists, social workers, counsellors and psychotherapists who offer face to face appointments, workshops, and group meetings. The psychology practitioners are committed to helping you discover better ways to live your life. Their aim is to help you develop effective coping mechanisms and explore deep underlying issues through therapy. The Centre is one of the best counselling services providers in South Yarra,

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Professional Supervision Services by Emotion Focused

Professional SupervisionThe Centre provides professional supervision services for psychology practitioners. Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, organisation development practitioners and other psychology practitioners can undergo professional supervision in a group situation as well as in one-to-one sessions.

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