Parenting Support Services

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice offers parenting support consultations and family services at to help parents develop effective parenting skills for raising happy, emotionally intelligent young people.

Parents are instructed about their child’s emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioural development. This enables the parents to compare it with their expectations of their children’s progress in these areas; consequently, helping them to empathize with their child, and leading them to incorporate more positive parenting strategies.

Parenting support consultations at the Centre comprise sessions providing guidance for parents to strengthen their existing parenting skills and promote the development of new parenting strategies, in order that parents have the necessary know-how to provide the support that their child needs.




The Need for Parenting Support Services

Parents may wish to consult a psychologist who specialises in family therapy and child therapy in order to:

  • Gain knowledge on parenting and learning new strategies.
  • Get feedback on their parenting style and to see if they are going about it effectively.
  • Adjust to the demands of the parenting role in various stages of the child’s development.
  • Learn about a child or adolescent’s development and consequently set realistic expectations with regards to their progress.
  • Seek guidance on how to manage their child or teenager’s behaviour and set effective and consistent rules and boundaries.
  • Avail professional help and counselling during a period of transition or during a difficult time period in their life or in their child’s life, such as grief or loss, trauma, divorce, or the arrival of a new sibling.
  • Comprehend what their child is going through, and assist the child in dealing with his or her fears and worries.

Head to Psychology Practitioners’ page to view the practitioners’ profiles and to find out more about them.

To learn more about the Parenting Support and Family Services at the centre or to get an appointment, please call the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice at (03) 9820 5577.

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