Professional SupervisionThe Centre provides professional supervision services for psychology practitioners. Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, organisation development practitioners and other psychology practitioners can undergo professional supervision in a group situation as well as in one-to-one sessions.

Supervision is an essential part of enhancing a practitioner’s ability to continue to work in this profession. Supervision also includes close monitoring of professional boundaries and the ethics of practice.

The practitioners who work at the Centre are also encouraged to have ongoing regular supervision. The practitioners generally have a once a month one-to-one session with a senior psychologist. They also go through group supervision. This is also the time when they revisit the training that they have undergone, thereby gaining a better understanding and becoming more proficient.

Emotion Focused Therapy is not an easy modality to understand. It takes years for a practitioner to get competent and proficient in this method. The Centre serves a place where different practitioners can get together and support each other, and individual as well as group supervisions are the way to do it.

Individual Professional Supervision at the Centre

Supervision plays a key role in psychological practice. Supervision involves training and assessing the psychological competencies of a practitioner. All counsellors, social workers, and psychologists are encouraged to undergo supervision.

One-to-one supervision involves sitting with a practitioner with more expertise than you possess. You can ask questions, bring cases for review, especially the ones that you are having problems with, and your supervisor will be able to help you through with some of those problems. A supervisor could offer another perspective and help you gain insight and understanding of the therapeutic relationship, as well as help to resolve your own anxieties and conflicts. It is actually a good opportunity to expand your knowledge and it is an important component of a practitioner’s work.

Group Professional Supervision at the Centre

Group Supervision is widely employed in psychology and counselling practices. Professionals requiring to satisfy the continuing professional development requirements for various psychology boards, including The Psychology Board of Australia, The Australian Psychological Society, etc., can undergo peer review and group supervision here at the Centre and gain endorsement.

The supervision group hopes to:

  • Help practitioners, who are aware of and/or have trained in EFT, to consolidate and expand the use of an experiential and emotion-focused approach in their counselling practice

  • Provide a safe environment for practitioners to explore and support the development of their self-as-therapist

  • Provide opportunities for mutual support and to share experiences of the EFT journey with like-minded practitioners

  • Help identify and develop an understanding of how the clinical framework of EFT and experiential modalities link with counselling practice

Enquiries: Contact Reception and leave a message for supervision.

Supervision for Organisational Psychologists, OD Practitioners and Coaches

Here at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice, we also provide professional supervision services for organisational psychologists, Organisational Development practitioners and coaches.

For further information on our professional supervision services, please contact Carlos Schafer – leave a text message at +61 0466 975 577 or write at [email protected] and he will call you back.

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