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High levels of stress are an effect of negative thought patterns. It is important to understand that stress and anxiety are merely the results of how you interpret the world around you. If you learn how to change those negative thought patterns, you can reduce your stress level. Once you are able to learn techniques that help you calm yourself and reinterpret scenarios in a positive light then your brain will not trigger the fight or flight response.

Reducing Stress

With individualised counselling for stress at our Melbourne practice, it is possible for anyone to conquer stress and anxiety. The techniques that you will discover can give you the tools you need to remain calm and composed in any situation; and you will then be able to maintain control of your body, brain and emotions.

Beating Stress and Winning the Game

There are even some steps that you can take now to deal with the stress in your life.

  • Meditation, deep breathing exercises and listening to music can help you relax and reduce the level of stress you are now facing. Yoga, walking, running and daily workouts will help you regain control and find an inner balance.
  • Make sure that you strike a happy balance between your job responsibilities and your family routines.
  • Take time each day to pamper yourself. Just a 15-30 minute reprieve in your schedule can give you enough time to regroup and rethink what is actually happening in your life.
  • Learning how to identify the negative thoughts that are driving stress and anxiety will take more effort. Once you are able to identify these thought patterns you can take action to eliminate this problem. Changing your perception from negative into positive thoughts is the key you need to beat stress at its own game.

Take charge now and discover the joys of a stress free life!


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