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Who doesn’t love a good listener?

There are times when we want to unburden our worries and cares on someone. Opening up to someone close to us can help. But there could be reasons where we are unable to discuss our difficulties with family or friends. Even though we know that they have our best interests at heart, we fear that they could be biased or judgemental. What to do then? Whom to turn to? The person who comes to mind then is a psychologist. If a person is unable to cope with a problem alone and is frustrated by not being able to share with others, then he or she can seek the help of a psychologist.


Who are psychologists?

Psychologists are professionals with a degree in psychology who are skilled in assisting people in exploring life issues and effectively develop coping mechanisms. They provide counselling and/or therapy.

Counselling psychologists are psychologists who are specialised in counselling. They do not prescribe medicines, but provide counselling and use therapeutic approaches like Emotion Focused Therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, creative therapy, dreamwork, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, couples therapy, and many such modalities.


The Emotion Focused Method

Here in South Yarra, we at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice have psychologists, counsellors and practitioners who specialise in improving people’s wellbeing through psychology, counselling and other people-centred practices. Our psychology practitioners are qualified to provide counselling for a broad range of conditions, symptoms and psychological issues including stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, loss and grief, eating disorders, body-image, abuse, domestic violence, health issues, family problems, relationship problems, anger management, pain management, bullying, behaviour problems, personality disorders, etc. We help individuals, couples and families, and conduct group therapy too.


We have a practice manager here at the centre who listens to you and asks questions regarding your problems and gets some background info on you. Based on this, we help you choose the right psychologist, counsellor, or therapist by suggesting a practitioner who has experience in the kind of issue that you are facing and thus is suitable for you. You can go in for an initial visit and if you are comfortable with the practitioner, you can work with him or her further.


How we can help you

Our mission at the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is to offer you a safe environment that is respectful and mindful of your needs, beliefs, values and potential for growth and healing.


Each of our psychology practitioners has a unique professional background, with particular areas of expertise and qualifications. They are skilled professionals who have had considerable experience in supporting people’s emotional development and healing and have helped their clients in discovering better ways to live their lives.

Many people have come to us and have found relief and an effective change working with the psychologists and counsellors in our team. Our clients also tell us that they find our rooms calming and refreshing, so very different from the clinical and hospital-like feel that some practices have.


Furthermore, Medicare rebates are available to our clients through the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

If you are looking for help, whether for yourself or for a loved one, our psychologists can assist in exploring underlying issues through therapy. Please visit our practitioners’ page to find out more, or call (03) 9820-5577 for an appointment or to make enquiries.

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