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  • Ellie Admin

    An enthusiastic and committed professional who guides our clients, supporting them to navigate the sometime challenging Medicare and referral systems, and ensuring that everyone is happy and feels comfortable at the Centre.

    • Bronwyn Admin

      A positive and caring individual, Bronwyn provides first-rate service to both our clients and our practitioners, multitasking and ensuring that our team of psychologists and psychiatrists have all they need to provide the best service to our clients.

      Ellie and Bronwyn are the face of the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice, Melbourne, South Yarra. They are warm, friendly and courteous, welcoming our clients and doing their utmost to make them feel happy and comfortable.

      Ellie and Bronwyn are at the heart of the Centre and its culture. They are respectful and mindful of our clients’ needs, beliefs, values and potential for growth and healing.

      They help the clients in managing appointments and guide them through the intricacies of Medicare and referral systems.

      They make sure that our team of psychologists and psychiatrists have all the support they require in assisting our clients.

      To set an appointment, call (03) 9820 5577, and Ellie or Bronwyn will attend to you.

      Please note that Medicare rebates are available through the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. If you are looking for a bulk billing practitioner in Melbourne, please call to find out how much of your preferred practitioner’s fees will be covered.

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