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    Michele Sicheroli provides online services only. 


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    Kind, respectful and compassionate, I am genuinely interested in helping people discover and strengthen their skills and resources. Every person is unique and has natural resources that will allow them to thrive and have a meaningful life. My objective is to help you become aware of your inner strengths and use them to navigate hardships and enjoy the present moment.

    I am very passionate about all kinds of relationships, especially couples. That is because romantic relationships have a high potential for people to evolve in life. A healthy relationship can bring healing and incredible fulfilment. I Love to learn from each couple their strengths and values. In a safe space, you will have the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms to improve your relationship. This way, you will learn to enjoy the gifts of intimacy, love, and the incredible power of communication and cooperation.

    Last but not least, I love music, dance, arts, pets and listening to the unique stories that each person brings.


    I work with clients facing various mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, mood and personality disorders. I also help clients with the management of emotional problems. I guide my clients through grief, loss and trauma. When dealing with couples and families, I help them with conflict management and divorce matters and support them in developing skills to improve their relationships.

    I have a background in psychology, with five years of experience as a clinical psychologist in Brazil. I have a postgraduate degree in Couple and Family Systems Therapy, a professional degree in Hypnotherapy and an MBA in Strategic Peoples Management. I use various techniques such as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Mindfulness in my therapy sessions.

    I can provide consultations either in English, Portuguese or Spanish.


    “My partner and I faced a tough moment, and we were about to separate. Doing couple’s therapy with Michele helped us improve our communication and discover how to deal with our issues.”

    Since I started therapy with Michele, my life has only got better. I always thought of her as a very competent therapist.

    I started therapy with Michele being skeptical as I tried many therapists, and they struggled to help me with my issues. I felt safe with her from the first session and continued returning. With time, she helped me resolve my problems and get a better quality of life.

    “Michele is very creative, gentle and respectful. My partner and I felt comfortable and safe talking about our relationship issues. She was great at helping us overcome our problems, and I would recommend her to any couple. “

    “We are a family of 3, and we first came to Michele to get help with our son’s behaviour at school. Michele helped us to understand that some issues my partner and I had as a couple were affecting each of us, and reflecting on our son. We then started couple’s therapy, and our whole family changed completely.”


    Australian Counselling Association, Level Two Member


    • Graduate Degree in Psychology
    • Postgraduate Degree in Couple and Family Systems Therapy
    • Professional Degree in Hypnotherapy
    • MBA in Strategic Peoples Management

    Michele Sicheroli provides online services only.   


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