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depression is not in the heart


Depression is more than just feeling a bit sad or down. If you find it hard to function in your every day life and activities that you once enjoyed now seem like a burden, then it's quite possible that you are suffering from some form of depression. Read more...
Family Counselling teenager

Family Counselling

While each family member is a separate individual, there is a need for the family to function as a cohesive unit. Family counselling promotes better communication and fosters more effective inter-personal relationships within the family environment. Read more...


Stress and anxiety are merely the results of how you interpret the world around you. Read more...


When a devastating accident, severe illness or natural disaster turns your world upside down, you often have no idea where to go for help. A psychologist who specialises in the trauma field can help you address those feelings of pain, regret, denial and anger that you may have. Read more...
Couple is better

Growing Together

Life takes many paths; remaining together is an art that needs to be practiced every day. Sometimes, a bit of guidance & help can make a difference. Denial is not a solution. Read more...

Emotion Focused Therapy

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice (CEFP) specialises in improving people’s wellbeing, through psychology, counselling and other people-centred practices. At the Centre, psychologists, counsellors and practitioners combine emotion focused practice with the Rogerian principles of integrity, respect, authenticity and genuineness. The Centre is based in South Yarra, Melbourne where a team of psychologists and counsellors are available to support you in an environment that is custom designed to provide a welcoming and personal experience.

Process-Experiential Emotion Focused Therapy (PEEFT) or more commonly referred to as Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) integrates experiential perspectives, cognitive science, existential thought and contemporary emotion theory. It develops emotional intelligence, integrates experience and offers restructuring and transformation. It is based on latest developments and its effectiveness has been proven by neuroscience research as one of the most effective modalities to support people’s development.
Many people come to us with complaints that previous treatment with others practitioners hasn’t work, to find relief and effective change working with the psychologists and counsellors in our team. They also find our rooms to be calming and refreshing, unlike other practices that can be more clinical and hospital-like in feel.

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