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Unlocking the subconscious


Everyone has negative thoughts, feelings, and re-active behaviour ~ it’s quite normal.  Life consistently creates conflict, fear, and pain for us ~ as well as joy.  Consciously, these feelings fade, but subconsciously, they remain. The subconscious threats, try to find their way back into our conscious minds.  Unresolved conflict is responsible for many illnesses.  Emotional pain is awful.  It creates a much larger threat to our true selves. That’s why our subconscious REPRESSES negative thoughts before they can reach consciousness.

The dictionary states:

Sabotage is underhanded interference with production, weakening another *entity (in this case the *conscious mind ~ 10%) through subversion, obstruction, disruption, withdrawal of efficiency, or destruction…

It also talks about enemy agents during wartime!  The subconscious contains all our experiences and feelings. There is a massive volume of thoughts in the subconscious. Feelings and thoughts last there forever – until we consciously take the emotional charge away.  It’s like an internal war!

A quote by Adolf Hitler:

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

The subconscious mind does not want these old emotions to escape to the conscious mind. The subconscious views these emotions as a huge threat to our self-esteem and psychological well-being. The subconscious recognizes the tendency of these emotions to try to gain consciousness. The response is to REPRESS the negative emotions and thoughts. Repression is a way to hide these negative or conflicting emotional issues from our conscious minds, by burying them deep in the subconscious.


We ‘self-sabotage’ due to repressed emotions

Fearanger, guilt, regret, sadness, insecurity, anxiety, and others, these exert powerful effects on our subconscious minds.  These conflicts and negative emotions can come from many sources in life, some of which we may have no memory, some are inherited.

Some personality types are much more prone to suffer from these repressed emotions than others.  Sensitive people that are good hearted, success oriented, perfectionistic, emotional and self motivated, are particularly prone to suffer from some form of repressed emotions leading to self-sabotage.

A part of you wants to be healthy and have an attractive slim body, or to be very successful or have a great committed relationship.  Another part of you does not.  Because the sub- (below the surface) conscious mind is approximately 90% and the conscious mind is approximately 10%, you can see the conflict.  So, it’s not your fault.  Forcing and pushing our way through without releasing what is in the way, can cause even more pain, frustration & stagnation.  These emotions do not want to be buried.  It is their nature to attempt to gain consciousness.  In order to fool the conscious mind into ignoring these repressed emotional issues, the subconscious creates a distraction. This distraction can be chaos, stress/ anxiety, mental imbalance, physical illness, etc.


Subconscious can be a hindrance

You can connect to the outside and to your inner world to determine if something subconscious is in your way.

For example, there is a good chance, your subconscious mind is in the way if you haven’t yet achieved your goal or dream and:

a) external results are not there

b) your body is tight or exhibiting other physical symptoms including illness/disease

c) you exhibit avoidance behaviours such as eating, sleeping, too much time playing on the computer, watching too much TV, pacing, taking on too many things, distracting yourself with other people’s problems

We all do things to avoid something from time to time. Sometimes, it is conscious and sometimes it’s not.

Here are some ‘avoidance behaviour’ examples

* too much time on the computer
* work
* eating
* focus on other things rather than the goal
* shopping
* cleaning
* going out (and then feeling guilty about what you should have been doing)
* pretty much any distraction you can find other than what it is you need to be doing.

It’s all about balance.


Observe your behaviours and reactions

In the moment when you are indulging in the ‘avoidance behaviour’, notice how your body feels when you are not doing what you said you were going to do, and not getting the results you want.

I notice –
1) tension 2) anxiety 3) neck or back out of alignment 4) varying unpleasant emotions ~ you can see the mind-body connection.

I sometimes find this when old dormant patterns/emotions in my subconscious create pain for my body/mind, so I can’t thrive. I notice it, then do a LifeLine ~ clearing it and moving on.

Again, this is why I am so passionate about dealing with the problem at the core.  Imagine if you only pulled the very top of the weed out, you would find in just a few days you would have to do it all again, what a waste of time/energy.  Personally, I’d rather be out enjoying myself (guilt free) than doing the same thing over and over.

If you find that you keep getting pain, going to therapists (and it doesn’t stick), the signs are there that the cause is emotional.  It’s happening at a sub-conscious level.  Allow all of these things to be signs that there is something to be dealt with.   The way we do one thing in life, is the way we do everything.  So, start to be aware of your behaviours and reactions.

Each time you have a LifeLine session, you remove more layers of old subconscious patterning, no longer serving you, it’s up to you how many sessions you would like, how much you want to thrive.  I liken it to layers of an onion.


Whatever we resist, persists!  

You can’t move forward until you accept where you are right now – that doesn’t mean you will be staying there.  Everything is fleeting – pain, joy etc.  Strive for equanimity, by dealing with the subconscious re-actions.  You will be more balanced, calm, healthy, loving, joyful and will be ‘in your flow’.

It’s now time to live in our hearts, having compassion, empathy and love for ourselves: then it follows everyone around us.  You are perfect and whole.

With much infinite love & gratitude,

Carolyn Irons
Certified LifeLine Practitioner & Accredited Bowen Therapist
~ www.raisingconsciousness.com.au


If you are looking for help, whether for yourself or for a loved one, our psychologists can assist in exploring underlying issues through therapy. Please visit our practitioners’ page to find out more, or call (03) 9820-5577 for an appointment or to make enquiries.


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