Weight Management Succeeds when Willpower Fails

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Success with your Weight Management

When reaching a healthy body weight goal proves to be too much of a challenge for your self-control and willpower there are some other options to consider rather than the next fad diet. Why reach for a short-term possibility when weight management programs are available to lead you to your goal?

There are many issues that lead to weight problems. For instance some people really do have sluggish metabolic systems and a predisposition for accumulating fatty tissue quickly. Other individuals might find that they have physical conditions such as thyroid or kidney problems which can lead to increased weight gain.

Then there are individuals who are compulsive overeaters or suffer from some other type of eating disorder. Of course many people just have unhealthy eating patterns, bad diets and too little exercise in their lives.
While you can certainly try hypnosis, acupuncture, prescription diet pills and trendy new diets these may not solve your problem with your weight. In fact many of these individuals find themselves bouncing up and down the weight scale-gaining back much more weight than they initially lost.

Weight management programs that are designed to give you a healthy plan to follow are your best bet when it comes to reaching your dieting goal. Many of these programs even provide you with a trained counselor that can help identify why you are unable to reach and maintain a normal body weight.


Diagnosing whether you are at a weight that is causing damage to your body is accomplished with a complete physical examination and the measurement of your BMI (body mass index). If you have a body mass index of 20-25 then you are at a healthy weight, but BMI values lower than 18.5 or higher than 25 are indicators of weight problems. There is additional equipment available that can tell the percentage of body fat that you are carrying around on your frame.

Whether you need to find emotional support to help you stick to a well-balanced diet and sensible exercise program, or want to discover the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from achieving your weight goals, the answer can be found in weight management programs.

Very often individuals have formed an unhealthy emotional association with food. These people do not eat because they are hungry. They are eating because the food brings them comfort, or serves some other emotional need.

Weight management teaches you how to eat for nourishment as opposed to eating for emotional satisfaction. Instead of reaching for that huge slice of chocolate cake you will be able to resist the temptation and choose fruit or veggies instead. This may sound impossible, but weight management tips and techniques can be extremely effective.

The most challenging tasks will be when you are asked to really address the question of why food is so important in your life. This means allowing yourself to be honest, open and vulnerable. You may even be surprised to find out what stressors or traumas in your life have caused you to become dependent on what, when, where and how you eat food.

Once you identify the underlying issues you will be able to learn techniques that can help you free yourself from those bad eating habits.

It does take some effort on your part, and you must be committed to the weight management program in order to succeed.

Counselling for Weight Management and Eating Disorders at the Centre

If you are looking for help, whether for yourself or for a loved one, our psychologists can assist in exploring underlying issues through therapy. Please visit our practitioners’ page to find out more, or call (03) 9820-5577 for an appointment or to make enquiries.

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