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How to banish your shyness, build self-confidence, & live your dreams

Author Michal Stawicki contacted us after reading our article on shyness, saying that he “enjoyed it thoroughly” and that his experience was very similar. Michal too overcame his shyness by talking to strangers. Michal says he was painfully shy, but with time and effort, he has reached a point where he’s “almost at ease when approaching a stranger.”

So, when he told us that he had just finished a book which guides a shy person out of his/her internal retreat to conversations with strangers, we were happy to give it a read.

“From Shy to Hi” is book number 5 in Michal Stawiki’s series, “How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day”.

The book is a very easy read, full of personal anecdotes and inspirational quotes. The book details how Michal struggled with his shyness and we read about Michal’s encounters with strangers. A book that is funny-sad but thought provoking too, “From Shy to Hi” is sure to serve as a motivation for those who struggle with social anxiety.

The Kindle edition is just out in at a very reasonable price.

Update: Free promotional offer! From 25th  to 29th of June, 2014, you can download “From Shy to Hi” for free from Amazon.

We present an abstract below:

The Shyness Curse

For millions around the world, daily life is a struggle. Every excursion out of their home feels like a minefield littered with something terrifying—people they don’t know. The fear of interacting with others is one of the most common hurdles people face. Confronted with the options of breaking out of their shell or retreating inward, most shy people choose the latter; the possibilities of ridicule, shame or awkwardness are simply too overwhelming to handle.

Ok, I’m Shy. So What?

While it would be untrue to say that no shy person has ever found success in life or business, the truth is that hiding behind shyness is limiting. The whole depth and beauty of forming close relationships with others often evades the shy person. Those with the confidence to meet new people, to pursue what they want and to be vulnerable enough to help others in need are the people who will find the most beauty and success in the world. Overcoming shyness is not simply about fulfilling your needs; the most successful people tend to be those who help others get what they want while pursuing their own desires. The ability to give to others, and in turn increase one’s own bounty, requires courage.

But I’ve Always Been Shy, There’s No Hope for Me.

Michal Stawicki, author of the new book From Shy to Hi, can relate. Until recently, Michal was painfully shy; it held him back in his social life, kept him from achieving his dreams and broke his heart every time he saw someone in need and couldn’t muster the courage to offer them help or even a kind word of encouragement. That is, until he decided to change. When Michal began a journey of self-actualization, he realized that he needed to banish his shyness to get where he wanted to be.

Success through Consistency and Small Actions

Like the rest of the philosophy which guided Michal’s new-found growth, success in conquering his shyness came from taking small, daily steps. For most shy people, the idea of instantly stepping out of their shell and becoming outgoing is terrifying, and for that reason is not the right approach. Fear of failure drives deeper fear. Instead, Michal developed a practice focused on helping the shy person achieve confidence over time, through small, easily achieved building blocks. From Shy to Hi includes:

  • The sources of shyness
  • Confidence and trust
  • Visualization and mental exercises to build a confident mindset
  • A 21-day blueprint for overcoming shyness, and:
  • Personal success stories from the author and tips from readers

Banish your Shyness and Live your Dreams

Michal looks forward to the future, confident you and knows that you too can take small steps that drive big results. From Shy to Hi will show you how!

If you are looking for more help with shyness or social anxiety, the following psychologists at the centre can assist you:

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