Three Tips to Help You Get Rid of Anxiety

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One of the main reasons why anxiety is so common among the young people is the fact that we just cannot catch up with all segments that modern society brings with it. The access to information and social media is what dictates most of our decisions, and when it comes to a job, anxiety is almost inevitable. The life we live today is rather dynamic, and for many, stress is a regular part of the day.

Anxiety - 3 tips to help | CEFP

The life we live today is dynamic, and stress is a regular part of the day.

On the other side, our individual experience and the upbringing sometimes is just not enough. We change, we adapt, but often we fail to recognize the signs until it’s too late. Anxiety does exist, but it’s not necessarily the issue that you need to live with nor is it something you should trust only your psychologist to solve. So, what can you do about it on your own? Different sources will offer you different bits of advice, but the truth is that your mindset plays a crucial role when it comes to treating anxiety.


Simple suggestions anyone can use to prevent anxiety

Here are three tips that will help you get you on the road to rid yourself of anxiety. Not magic; not yoga; simply a few small changes to your lifestyle that will affect you in a positive way and turn your life around.

1. Go to sleep at least two hours before midnight

You’ve probably heard this one before, and decided that it doesn’t matter as long as you stick to the 8-hour rule. It’s not about sleep deprivation, it’s more of a psychological trick you play on your mind. While it’s tempting to stay up late, whether to browse the social media or to finish a project, the truth is that a balanced sleep cycle is crucial. If you sleep by around 10 pm, you wake up rested and in a relaxed frame of mind and you’re 10 times less likely to have anxiety attack that day.

2. Balance your diet between the healthy and the tasty

This is not an article about dieting you quitting fast food or your favourite chocolate milkshake in the evening. It’s simply about tricking your mind into choosing the food that’s good for you.

We often neglect when our brain signals that we eaten enough, and that’s why diet is so important during anxiety treatment. To begin with, having a nutritious meal doesn’t mean you should choose to forgo your favourite food. None of us like sudden transitions. So how about starting small, and see how that works out? Include fruits in your daily meal. Think of it as a trial period, and see which one you can keep, which addition you prefer. Dark chocolate or banana? It works wonders for your brain and it’s more or less an easy transition that will indirectly affect your anxiety problem. Also, if you’re keen on fast food, avoid having tons of it stuffed in your fridge. That way you won’t give in to temptation.

3. Start with a seemingly insignificant exercise

You don’t need a gym or a monthly exercise plan to help you. Sticking to a certain plan can be stressful, and it’s not something you need with all those deadlines hanging above your head like dark clouds. That’s why you need to change your perspective on the exercise. Walking down the street with your headphones on, your favorite song playing in the background is not a task; it’s pleasure. You just need to start moving and you are investing in your body! It’s not about organizing time, it’s about random yet effective exercise. A few minutes of any exercise will release a significant amount of endorphins and help you out with that anxiety. So, why waste time waiting for the anxiety to knock on your door? Why sit on a sofa over-thinking the decisions you made in the past? Yeah, it seems easy when we write about it. It is easy, and it helps. So how can we persuade you to try it out? Walking down the street may be something that requires you to put on some clothes, but how about you try with a random motivation. The minute you catch yourself sitting aimlessly on the sofa, get up and do something. It can be a 2 minute sit-up exercise, or pretty much anything out of the easy exercises notebook. It can be 5 minute walk to the market to get yourself a chocolate. As long as you keep moving, it counts. A lot easier when we put it this way, wouldn’t you agree?


To sum up: Sleep well, eat healthy, exercise.

What? Is that all? So, nothing new!

The point is, we all know what’s good for us, but don’t always follow through. We come up with excuses not to do something that’s good for us, so we need to trick our mind into making these changes. Stop seeing these suggestions as a pressure to do something – that’s the key to conquering anxiety. They are something to try out and to see if they work. If nothing, you’ll end up with a set of habits that are indirectly prescribed as an anxiety treatment.

Who doesn’t want to sleep instead of browsing through the social media, collecting information we don’t need at that particular moment? All of us do, subconsciously at least.

Who doesn’t want to implement more healthy food habits in our everyday nutrition?

Who doesn’t want to exercise without being under a pressure of doing so?

If you agree, then what’s stopping you from trying them out? Remember, it’s all in your mind, and your mind needs no toxic elements to live fully.


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