Therapy in Your Pocket: Mental Health Apps – Part 1/3

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Mental health counselors are inundated with clients who are desperate for their time and advice. They enable people to document and track the triggers and severity of their symptoms. It is like having additional support in your pocket.

If you are looking for some added support, or a personal way to regulate your own mental health struggles, these apps might be a great option. Keep in mind that no mobile device, or software installed therein can replace the value of face to face therapy. However, these apps might help you fill in the blanks between appointments.

This is a series of 3 post. Where we will introduce 5 post each time.

 Mental Health Apps

Like everything else in life having the ability to choose is preferred. So, when it comes to deciding to utilize a mental health app it is best to evaluate which ones will be most suitable for your personal struggles.

Herein you will find the top 15 mental health apps available. This list should allow you to make a very informed decision for you own mental well-being:

  1. Mobile Therapy– Designed by a clinical psychologist, Dr. Margaret Morris, this app utilizes a “mood map.” Clients move a red dot around on the map to indicate the mood they are experiencing when the randomly timed map pops up on their phone. People utilizing the app can also chart: diet, sleep, and energy levels. The reduction of stress was the catalyst for this design, and the app will provide suggestions for breathing and relaxation exercises.
  2. CBT MobilWork– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the basis for this app designed to aid people who are suffering from severe depression. The idea is to give them “homework” or small steps to survive inside of their depressive states. Each piece of completed homework will change the app to prompt the user to take the next step in the therapeutic process. Judy Callan is credited with its design, and she is hoping to adapt it to serve other areas of mental health needs including: eating disorders, anxiety, and phobias.
  3. MindShift- This app was created with youth in mind, but can be employed by anyone dealing with anxiety. It was developed by Anxiety BC. The app teaches relaxation techniques and new thinking. It will also make suggestions for healthier behaviors and activities.
  4. PTSD Coach– The PTSD Coach was created by the Department of Veteran Affairs for veterans and civilians struggling under the weight of PTSD symptomology. While this app will not diagnose PTSD it can help users track their symptoms and provide them with tools to manage them.
  5. Positive Activity Jackpot– Focused on people burdened by depression, this app utilizes GPS technology and is only available on Android. The concept gets its basis from a behavioral health therapy technique known as pleasant event scheduling (PES). Users will be alerted to activities available in their area via GPS. It gives them something to look forward to during the tough days.

Your mental health is a serious contributor to your daily success. If you feel that you might benefit from additional tools and coping mechanisms, we are certain that one of these mental health apps will work well for you. Talk with your therapist to see if there is one he/she recommends. Otherwise, feel free to utilize these bits of therapy in your pocket.

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